Behind the scenes with The Venue Alexandria audio visual team.

Virtual & Hybrid


With offices across Australia and New Zealand, NW Group can provide the highest quality webcasting and live streaming experiences across multiple locations simultaneously.

NW Group have partnered with The Venue to offer flexible multi-purpose studio spaces that can be set up for filming, broadcasting virtual and hybrid events.

The Venue is equipped to provide customers with any digital services they may require. From interactive conferencing and presentations, to hosting online awards evenings and even recording live performances.

The Venue is a safe and controlled environment making COVID management less complex. Our team are here to work with you throughout the process and can help with any aspect of your event.



Virtual Studio

Hybrid Events

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Live streaming

Reach and engage with local and global audiences. Hosted or non hosted. Ability to show content alongside live camera and enables viewers to access at a later date. Enables 2 way communication to effectively communicate with audiences or a remote presenter.

Video on demand

Video conferencing